A Tradition of Academic Excellence

Our Lady of Victories School scores above the national average in all areas of the curriculum as measured by the Terra Nova standardized test and is ADvancED Accredited.
Students at Our Lady of Victories School study Spanish as part of our commitment to the core curriculum standards. Seventh and Eighth graders receive daily instruction while Spanish is taught on a weekly basis in grades K-6.

Classes at Our Lady of Victories School participate in technology classes on a weekly basis in our computer lab.

Technology is integrated throughout the curriculum through the use of Smart Boards, iPads and Chromebooks. Discovery Education and Spelling City provide differentiated instruction as students use these and other programs on a daily basis in their classrooms.

Testing (Terra Nova)

A standardized achievement test (Terra Nova) is administered to children in Grades 1-8 in the spring of each year. Results of these tests are forwarded to parents by the end of May. Grades 4 and 7 also participate in Terra Nova writing assessment, Writing Road Map. First grade takes the Scholastic Test in the fall.

Grades 6-8 take a midterm and final exam in every core subject area based on the Content Curriculum Standards from the Diocese of Metuchen.

Educational Links

ThinkCentral Website

Discovery Education Website

Spelling City Website

Scholastic Book Club Website


Grading (K-8)
Student progress is reported to parents/guardians four times each school year by means of report cards. They are distributed quarterly in grades 1-8 consistent with the policy of the Diocese of Metuchen. Kindergarten has three formal reporting times beginning in January.
Scholastic Achievement is reflected on the report card as follows:

A+ (97-100); A (93-96); B+ (89-92); B (85-88); C+ (80-84); C (75-79); D (70-74); F (Below 69).

Academic Honors - Grades 4 through 8
Principal's List: All A+ or A grades with no checkmarks in any area.
Honor Roll: Grades B or higher with no checkmarks in any area.

A cumulative record is maintained for each pupil from entrance into school through the eighth grade. All material is kept in a folder and treated as confidential. No records are released to anyone or any school without a permission release form signed by the parent/guardian of the student.

Promotion and Retention
Student promotion or retention shall be determined by the following criteria:

A student achieving a passing final grade in the major subject areas (reading, language arts, religion, mathematics, social studies and science) will be promoted to the next grade level.

A student shall be placed at the grade level to which he or she is best adjusted academically, socially and emotionally. The educational program shall provide for continuous progress of students from grade to grade with students spending one year in each grade.

Progress Reports, Failure Warnings
Progress Reports are sent home quarterly.

Religious Education and Services

Our Lady of Victories School is a Catholic school whose mission is to enable children to encounter Jesus in a personal way and to nurture them through our spiritual programs. The faculty and staff foster the Catholic identity of the school and promote the integration of the Catholic beliefs and values into all aspects of the life of the school.

Students of All Faiths
Students of all faiths are always welcome at Our Lady of Victories School. Our children are taught religious tolerance and acceptance, and students of other beliefs will not be treated differently because of their religious beliefs. All students are expected to understand and agree that the school exists to educate in the framework of Catholic values. All students must participate in the religion classes and liturgical services scheduled for the school year. However, participation in the Church’s sacraments and preparation of the students for those sacraments and rituals are not required of families and students of faiths other than Catholicism.

Liturgical Celebrations
Students attend Mass weekly and on Holy Days of Obligation. All families are welcome to join the students for worship. Grades 6-8 attend Mass on Fridays, Grades 4-5 on Wednesday, Grades 2-3 on Tuesdays, and Grades K-1 on Thursdays.

Daily Subjects

  • Religion
  • Mathematics
  • Reading/Language Arts
  • Vocabulary
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Spanish - daily for 7th and 8th grade

    Specials - Taught on a weekly basis

  • Physical Education
  • Art
  • Music
  • World Language (Spanish)
  • Computer Lab
  • Media/Library Sciences


    Homework is an important reinforcement and supplements the learning in the classroom. Parental involvement is essential to the success of the child’s progress. "Daily Planners" (assignment pads) are to be used by each child. Homework can also be accessed on Power School. Students are responsible for knowing their individual teacher’s policies regarding homework.


Our Lady of Victories School follows the Curriculum Framework of the Diocese of Metuchen and the Core Curriculum Standards of the State of New Jersey. The school offers a comprehensive learning program that is sequential and developmental with sensitivity to the emerging needs of individual learners.

Here are the Core Curriculum Guidelines


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