Our Lady of Victories offers its students various after school activities that they may participate in.


Our Lady of Victories publishes the “Viking Point of View” three times a year to report on the many events and activities that occur throughout the school year.  Any Middle School student is invited to join the newspaper which begins during the month of September. Monthly organizational meetings are held so the student reporters can select their articles. Quarterly meetings are held during recess.


Students in Second through Fourth grade are invited to join the Willabees Club where students are taught the dangers of drugs, smoking and alcohol in a fun environment. Guest speakers are invited to their meeting to talk on the various topics, videos are shown and they make crafts on the dangers of drugs.

Law Enforcement Against Drugs

L.E.A.D. is a program sponsored by the Sayreville Police Department and Sayreville Alliance for Family Education. The program teaches 5th grade students to recognize and resist the pressures that may influence them to experiment with tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, inhalants, or other drugs. Students also learn ways to deal with violence.


Our Lady of Victories School publishes an annual yearbook that is designed by select students of the current Eighth Grade class under the supervision of the Art Teacher. Prior to being chosen, students must submit a letter stating their qualifications and creative ideas that they will bring to the Yearbook Committee. Students meet weekly to discuss what material they would like to include in the publication. The yearbook includes pictures surrounding the school year and all grade levels, but the majority consists of events involving the Eight Grade.

Student Government

Each fall the Eight Grade students nominate their classmates for positions on the Student Government. A week of campaigning is held in the Middle School, followed by campaign speeches and Power Point presentations. Immediately following the speeches, an election is held where students vote for the candidates they feel will best represent their needs. Listed below are the officers elected for this year.

President - Samantha Shaw

Vice President - Hannah Viloria

Secretary - Lindsey Carido

Co-Treasurer - Morgan Brennan and Beatrice Espinosa


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