• Rosalind M. Esemplare - Principal
    BS Special Studies; MA Administration and Supervision Certified K-8;
    Highly Qualified Science 5-8; RN

  • PRE-K3: Jaclyn Burns
    BA Teacher of the Handicapped; Certified K-8

  • PRE-K4: Karen Abel
    MA Education; BA Elementary Education; Certified Teacher of Students with Disabilities

  • KINDERGARTEN: Kristine Lelak
    BA Elementary Education; MS Elementary Education

  • 1ST GRADE: Vivian Deibert
    BA; certified K-5

  • 2ND GRADE: Jamie Wocjik
    BA Education; Certified Pre-K - 3

  • 3RD GRADE: Jennifer Kabara
    BA Education; Certified K-8

  • 4TH GRADE: Cynthia Erickson
    BA Education

  • 5TH GRADE: Shannon Liana
    BA Elementary Education; Certified K-5

  • 6TH GRADE: Joanne Hockenjos
    BA Education and Special Education; Certified K-8 Elementary Education
    and Special Education

  • 7TH GRADE: Alaina Gertz
    BA Education; Certified HS and Middle School

  • 8th Grade: Valerie Romer

  • SPANISH/COMPUTERS: Barbara Misiewicz
    BA Elementary Education and Spanish; Certified Elementary Education K-8;
    Certified Spanish K-8

    BA Music/Vocal Major; Certified K-12; BS Business and Economics

  • ART: Gina Plaitakis
    MA Fine Arts Education

    School Staff

  • NURSE: Maryanne Halmi, RN
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  • SECRETARY: Bernadette Connors

  • RECEPTIONIST - Marilyn Farrell



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